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One of my biggest downfalls

I was all excited during my first post to get things started and then it happened……

It always happens, too. The excuses start to build…

“I want to write a blog, but I had a hard time getting the kids to sleep so I’ll do it tomorrow” (but I use this excuse every night)

“I want to eat healthy, but I had a tough day at work so let’s get fattening takeout instead”

“Well I ate crappy yesterday, so I might as well continue eating crappy and start again on Monday”

The excuses go on and on. I promised myself numerous times that I would start eating health, that I would start exercising, that I would do all these things and I just don’t do them.

Now what do I do? Well now I need to figure out a way to end my excuse making habit. For starters, I need to stop letting life get in the way of my goals, whether it be to exercise or to eat healthy. Next, I want to start planning things like meetings and appointments that cannot be missed. Finally, I need accountability. I need to commit to actually writing this blog at least once a week (for weigh ins), but hopefully more often.

While it feels good to get all of this out and to make these plans to really commit to a healthy lifestyle change, I need to commit this to my mind. The only way change can occur is within myself. I need to want to actually change for it to happen.


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