Fear of the unknown

I did something today that I thought I would NEVER do……I went whitewater rafting as part of a team building event at work. Building up to the event I was miserable about it. I didn’t want to go because I thought my weight and my non-athleticism would be an issue. Let me tell everyone, it is NOT an issue. And it was an amazing experience!  I had an absolutely amazing time!  It dawned on me that I was using my weight as an excuse. What the real problem was, was that I was terrified of the unknown aspect of it. 

If we let our fears control us though, we will never experience anything!  We would never find out if there is something we absolutely love doing!  I say, throw caution to the wind every once in a while and do something completely outside the box!  You might hate it, or it may be something you absolutely love!  You won’t know unless you try it!

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One of my biggest downfalls

I was all excited during my first post to get things started and then it happened……

It always happens, too. The excuses start to build…

“I want to write a blog, but I had a hard time getting the kids to sleep so I’ll do it tomorrow” (but I use this excuse every night)

“I want to eat healthy, but I had a tough day at work so let’s get fattening takeout instead”

“Well I ate crappy yesterday, so I might as well continue eating crappy and start again on Monday”

The excuses go on and on. I promised myself numerous times that I would start eating health, that I would start exercising, that I would do all these things and I just don’t do them.

Now what do I do? Well now I need to figure out a way to end my excuse making habit. For starters, I need to stop letting life get in the way of my goals, whether it be to exercise or to eat healthy. Next, I want to start planning things like meetings and appointments that cannot be missed. Finally, I need accountability. I need to commit to actually writing this blog at least once a week (for weigh ins), but hopefully more often.

While it feels good to get all of this out and to make these plans to really commit to a healthy lifestyle change, I need to commit this to my mind. The only way change can occur is within myself. I need to want to actually change for it to happen.